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Information Reports

In Term 2, we began looking at Information Reports - why we might write an Information Report and what an Information Report consists of. There are four main parts: title, introduction/classification, description and conclusion.

This writing genre fit in perfectly with our focus on farms and farm animals. The children chose a farm animal that interested them the most. In groups with others who liked the same animal, they brainstormed what they knew about the animal, in particular, what it looks like, where it lives, and what it does. Then we set out to write our Reports.

Photos from our day at Ambury Farm

Please click here to view our photos from Ambury Farm.

Ambury Farm Inquiry

The focus of Term 2 Inquiry was Technology, specifically building and structures. Using the Three Little Pigs story, we discussed animal structures and why we thought it was important for animals to have good houses.
We then visited Ambury Farm. Afterwards, we looked at pictures of the animal houses we saw there. We talked about what animals needed in their houses and what made a good animal house. Here is the Room 4 thinking around this:
Using the children's ideas for what a good animal house needed, we then posed a building challenge:
The children were so creative in building their structures!

All About Adjectives

We have been learning about adjectives and focussing on using them in our writing.

We went out to the school garden to experience our surroundings. We thought about what we could see, hear, feel and smell.

On big posters with photos from the gardens, we recorded adjectives to describe many of the things we saw. Then we worked to use the adjectives in sentences, with a goal to write about three or more things from the garden.

The children write beautiful, descriptive sentences using their adjectives!