In-class maths: Counting on

This group has been learning how to count on to solve addition problems. We have been trying to move from using materials (physically counting our fingers, the numbers, etc) to using imaging, where we count and keep track inside our head. 

While we were practicing today, two other great strategies were used: "tidy numbers" and using basic facts. "Tidy numbers" is where the smaller number is split to take the biggest number to the nearest 10. For example, 9+5 could be worked out as 9+1+4. A child might use basic facts in a problem like 12+5 because they know 2+5=7, so 12+5=17. 

When children know the answer to a question, we will always ask "how did you know?", "why do you think that?" or "how did you figure it out?" This builds metacognition (thinking about our own thinking) and benefits others in the group because they can learn from each other. 



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